Summer Animation

Hello~ everyone!
I am back again! Yeah!!
Today, I will tell you a great summer animation called the Despicable me 2
I watched this movie three days ago, and it was SO~ cool


The movie begins with Agnes’s birthday party. Agnes was having her birthday party with her friends, families and neighborhoods. Then, a secret female agent called Lucy kidnapped Gru to the building of the AVL, which was underwater. There, Gru heard about the mysterious villian and become the AVL agent. Gru and Lucy started to discover the villian in the big department store and thought that the hair designer was the villian. The mysterious villian had a secret potion which made the creature who drank that into a moster. But the chief of the Italian restauratn was the real criminal. The chief was a famous creminal called the Elma Joe. At last, Gru and Lucy defeated him and they got married.

This animation is so— interesting and funny. I laughed so much when I was watching this movie. I really like this animation .