Honey bread for breakfast

honey bread 2
Hi, everyone!
today, I am gonna tell you the recipes of honey bread
I really like honey breads and I hope you like it too

1. cut the bread (not cut it all. cut it 80~90%s)
2. cut the butter in to small pieces and put it between the bread

honey bread

3. Put some syrup onto the bread and put it in the oven which is 190 c
4. cook it for 10~12 minutes
5. you can decorate it!
(you can put whipped cream on, put chocolate syrup, or put sliced almonds on)

I hope everybody enjoys reading my posts


chocolate doughnuts

chocolate doughnuts
Hi, everyone! Today, I am going to tell you about the recipes about the non baked doughnuts
You will be satisfied with the taste.

1. crack one egg and loose the egg with the hand mixer
2. Put 40~50 g of suger in the NO.1
3. Whipp NO.2 until it turns white.
4. Put 60g of milk and 20g of cocoa powder and mix it
5. Put 40 g Grape Seed oil and whipp it together
** you can put chocolate chips or nuts in No.5
6. Put No. 5 in the mold and bake it for 10~12 minutes in the 170~180 c oven
7. Decorate it~

Recipes for Summer

Hello, everyone!
I am here to tell you one of the recipes for Summer.
We need something COOL for this hot, boiling season.
I am here with a recipe of a raspberry sherbert.

So here is the recipe

1. put water and sugar into the bowl and boil it until the sugar is prefectly melted to make some syrup
2. Put the syrup and the iced raspberry in the mixer and grind it.
3. Put No.2 into the refrigerater for 1 or 2 hours and put it in the ice-cream machines
4. Stirr it for 15~20 minutes to make it as a sherbert

If you weed out the seeds after No.2 the sherbert will be more soft and delicious