My future dreams

Hello~ everyone!!
0629julie is back with this interesting topic! My future dream!!

When I become older and become an adult, I wanna be a fashion designer
I really am interested in fashion and I like to design clothes
I wanna create my fashion brand and make it famous!

and furthermore,
I want to go to a good college and study hard,
and then, I will be a designer of another brand.
After few years, I will create my own brand.
Also, I want to marry with a good man and have 2 children ; one girl, and one boy


If I had a time machine…

Hi, everyone!

0629julie came back again!! I wanna tell you about the things I will change or see if I had a time machine!


TOP 6!

I will solve math problems and  do my math homeworks


TOP 5!

I will go to the restaurant called the Cheese Cake Factory because when I went to NY, I didn’t have time to visit there


TOP 4!

I will bring more money to America
(I live in Korea, and I am attending a summer school in America)


TOP 3!

I want to take a picture with dinosaurs!!


TOP 2!

I want to meet Coco Chanel and Abraham Lincoln


TOP 1!

I wanna present that pink clutch bag to my mother!  I was thinking about buying a birthday present to my mother, and when I finally decide to buy that bag, the sale ended!!